Commissioned Artwork

We all know someone very special in our lives.  Does that person have a long love of flight?  Perhaps they flew as a member of our armed forces, or were involved in aviation during a pivotal time in our history.  Maybe they just like nothing more than taking their beloved vintage plane up for special weekend flights (nothing like flying out somewhere for a really expensive cheeseburger…).  Or, perhaps they’ve always had a favorite plane from a certain era.  Whatever the case, the gift of a unique work of art would be appreciated for years to come.

Does your company need quality renderings of a new design for publicity?  Or are you perhaps interested in someone who can produce a high quality image for book covers and illustrations?

Perhaps you’re an armed forces aviator and interested in a creation that will address the proud heritage of your organization.

Whatever the reason, I encourage you to contact me so we can discuss turning what you want into a piece of artwork that will be appreciated by all who see it.