Cockpit and Air Brake Petals

The cockpit modeling and texturing is finished now.  Instrument and side panels, the ejection seat, and a gun sight have all been added…


The instruments, knobs and switches on the panels are all a texture map, and the ejection seat used very simple textures.  Neither will be very visible from any distance from the “camera” so, given that, the level of detail is appropriate.  I’ve also been able to sit down and texture the air brake petals…


Not that the reflection and gloss levels might not stand a tweak here and there, but I’m generally pretty happy with their appearance for now.


I’ll likely go back into it and add some degree of burned appearance to them but, for now, I like them the way they are.


That’s about it for the time being.  I may next get the vertical stabilizer textured, or the wings.


Until next time, “Adios!”


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