Canopy and Glazing

Has it been three months since I posted anything regarding the 105?  Apparently it has.  I’ve been busy working on commissioned illustrations and the F-105 project sort of went onto the back burner.  I haven’t taken a hiatus from the commissioned work, but I did make a bit of time to cut the canopy frame and glazing into the 3D mesh.


At this point the model is collapsed and, minus a few tweaks here and there to the exterior, I’m ready to move forward and begin working on the cockpit.


I’ll have to extrude a cockpit tub into the fuselage and shape that to conform to images and drawings.  Working from back to front, I’ll begin making the ejection seat, side panel details, then the instrument panel, and finally the gun sight.  “Detail” is perhaps an overstatement.  Not every switch and button will be modeled.  Adding them via texture map will be more efficient.

I’m sure it won’t be another three months until the next update.  I really want to start pulling the UV maps for this and get it dipped in camouflage paint (or a bare metal finish) as soon as possible!

Until next time, have a great Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope all who read this are able to spend that day enjoying the company of family and friends.  Adios!


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