Russian Aircraft Illustrations

During August of 2017 I was commissioned to create illustrations of numerous Russian aircraft for a client who was in the process of writing a novella.  The following illustrations are the completed renderings of the aircraft requested by my client (posted with the permission of the client):

MiG-21 9-8-17 Profile
© John Matthews
MiG-21 PFM 10-2-17
© John Matthews
BIS 10-29-17 2
© John Matthews
BIS Gray 11-3-17 1
© John Matthews

2 thoughts on “Russian Aircraft Illustrations

  1. Very nice, John. Very nice work.

    We have finished painting color in the F-105D. Graphics will go on in December. I was outat the museum yesterday and today, I’ll post pictures in a while. The A-7 is finally finished.  Safe skies, my friend!

    1. Thanks Chris! It must be great to live someplace where you can actually work outdoors, and not freeze, in December! I’m looking forward to seeing the 105 in all her glory. The A-7 looks great! Have a good week!

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