Air Brakes

Once again it seems as though it’s been way too long since I’ve posted any progress regarding the F-105 model.  We had a great vacation last week and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  With the kids going back to school soon it was a good time to be able to do fun things with them.  I started back to work on the 105 the day after we returned, and turned my attention to the air brakes, which I posted on Facebook.

105 7-27 3

They’re just a bit tough to see in this shot.  I really should have made them a different color than the rest of the fuselage.  As you can see in the next image, the air brake  F-105

“petals” have been cut from the fuselage after the inside of that area was extruded inward, up to the point where the jet engine exhaust nozzle would be.  After that, I determined the shape of the air brake petals based on three-view drawings and various images.  Each “petal” was then cut from the fuselage, and polygons were created where the new object was “open”.  I beveled/chamfered all of the edges on each “petal” so its shape could be seen more clearly when in a retracted position.  Each one will be textured later as a separate object.  I also modeled some of the detail on the inboard side of the air brake petals, which you’ll see in the upcoming images:

f-105 air brake

Here you see the air brakes in better detail after I changed their color for the purpose of modeling the objects.  The detail on the inboard side of the objects is also visible.  Not every panel line or rivet will be modeled.  Finer details will be part of the texturing process, as it was with the L-133 and the XB-51 models.


You can also see that I’ve modeled the way in which the end of each of the air brakes is not quite perfectly round.  It’s actually more-or-less a squared-off circle.  The bulged covers for the air brake “hinges” were also added.


I’ve changed the lighting a bit so I can see the model with better lighting and shadows.  This will help me evaluate the model with light closer to what I’ll be using when I render it with scenery after importing it into Vue Studio.

105 7-30 3

I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having creating the details on this.  I’m going to start modeling the area of the engine exhaust next I believe, since I’m working in that area.  I’ll show you that next time I post progress.  Until then, happy trails!




2 thoughts on “Air Brakes

    1. FS as in Flight Sim? I don’t remember the version we have, but I’ve landed Piper Cubs on the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center playing it. Yep, it’s a lot of fun! And thanks for the kind compliment regarding my work!

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