Basic Wings

Just three images of progress on the wings.  I got a start on them earlier in the week, but wasn’t happy with the way they were turning-out.  This version is looking better, and I’m more satisfied with the way it looks.

105 model 15

105 model 14

105 model 16


Since the last post regarding the wings I’ve been too busy to actually sit down and tweak the wings until I was content with them.  Despite the lack of intake extrusions and splitter plates, it closer to looking right.  The intakes will be extrusions into the wing, then sculpted until the shape is correct.  The splitter plates may be extrusions, or I may have to build them one polygon at a time.  I haven’t decided which would be best.


Despite being the same extrusion as it was in my last post, a lot changed about the wing.  Many new edges were cut and contours were re-sculpted until it reached this point.  Wingtips were added, and the wing root was changed because the original had not been correct.  I’m happier with this and I’ll be moving on to modeling the intakes and splitter plates next (likely tomorrow).

Until then, happy July 16th, the day on which the Apollo 16 mission launched in 1969.



Today, among other things, I was able to make the intake splitters and also create the interior of the intakes:

Everything here involved more edge cutting, welding vertices, extrusions, and manipulating smoothing groups so things didn’t turn into unrecognizable blobs.  So far, so good :).  The interior of the air intake needs to be detailed.  There’s an assembly in there which allows the inside of the intake to slide forward and aft, depending on the speed of the aircraft.  While I’m not going to model it to do that, I do plan on modeling part of that assembly since it can be seen within the intake.  So. more to come…



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