New Stabilizers


The horizontal stabilizer and auxiliary intake scoop are both extrusions from the fuselage.  I shapemerged the intake scoop from a closed spline, then extruded, edge-cut, chamfered, and… Viola!  Scoops!  The horizontal stabilizers were extrusions from the fuselage, too.

F-105 model

As with the aux. scoops, this was a matter of trial-and-error after edge cutting the general outline of the stabilizer, extruding from the fuselage, and shaping the stabilizer root and the stabilizer itself.  I’ll model the lower portion of the stabilizer root tomorrow, in addition to other items, as time permits.  I plan on detaching the stabilizers from the fuselage so they can be rigged and re-positioned if needed, depending on the attitude of the aircraft in the scene.  Now that the stabilizers have been blocked in I can start modeling some of the antennas, vents, and other things that protrude from the fuselage.  Have to make the gun port as well.


I have no idea what I just modeled on the underside of the horizontal stabilizer, but it needed to be there, so there it is.

105 Tail1

I’ll have to check it after dinner to look at it with fresh eyes to see whether I’m happy with it.   I’m sure part of it will have to be remodeled as I get a chance to look at more images of the plane and compare them with drawings.  We’ll see.

105 Model 13

Speaking of dinner, I have a BBQ grille to go clean.  Happy dinner!


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