Back on Track

Too long since my last post here.  However, I’m now almost back to where I was just before I had to begin this object over again.

F-105 3D object

I’m not quite at a point to begin modeling the horizontal stabilizers, but soon.  I spent a lot of time trying to satisfy myself the shape of the canopy and vertical stabilizer was right before being tempted to move on to any other parts.

F-105 3D object

Today was spent working on the vertical stabilizer and the ventral fin.  I need to check some points on the stabilizer, then I’m going to begin working on the arrestor gear, then the horizontal stabilizers.  That’ll really put me back where I was before the unfortunate subdivision of the last version.

F-105 3D object

I do like the way this one’s turning out now.  Can’t wait to start working on the wings!

Thanks to everyone from who have visited my website!  I hope you enjoyed looking around and liked what you saw.  Thanks for all of your kind comments!

I’d like to welcome any new guests from the forums at!  I was recently invited to post some of my artwork there and look forward to getting to know the folks on that forum.


“Happy Trails!”




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