Farmingdale, We’ve Had a Problem…

Well, the unexpected happened a few days ago.  Things were looking swell for the F-105 object.  I was ironing-out the stabilizers to a point that I was satisfied with their appearance, and I had just began modeling the arresting gear housed within the ventral fin.  As I do, from time to time, I subdivided the mesh to see what the object would look like with a higher polygon count.  But, I forgot to un-do that before I saved my work for the night and, lo-and-behold, I opened it up the next day and there was no going back to the original lower polygon count object.  (Sigh…)  So, a new fuselage…


I really didn’t want to start over, but there were a couple areas I wasn’t absolutely thrilled with.  So, this was actually a good excuse to take a fresh crack at this using a different approach.

105 model 7

The canopy, for instance, was one of those areas I thought could have been done a little better.  My mistake gave me the opportunity to re-do that.  It was disappointing to have lost time on this, but it’s given me the opportunity to make the model better, so I’ll take it.

105 Model 10

So, hopefully the next time I post something, the stabilizers and ventral fin will be modeled and I’ll be closer to being where I was previously.

Say, wherever you are in the world, if you’re a Dad (or someone’s Grandpa), “Happy Father’s Day”.  I’m lucky my Dad is only a phone call away and we talk pretty often.  He’s the best.  Hopefully you were able to be with your Dad, or your kids, and took time-out to do something special today.

Happy trails,



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