Rivers, Trees, Clouds, and Planes…

Right now I’m working on two scenes.  One involves the B-51, the other one involves the Starjet.  Both will involve creating landscapes with water as part of the terrain, and the planes being at lower altitudes than my prior renders.  

With each scene I want to tell a story.  Since the XB-51 was designed as an attack bomber, its mission will figure into the scene.  Perhaps flying low-level and rolling-in toward their target somewhere.  I’m imagining it flying over fields with a river, or streams, with light clouds blanketing the terrain.   

As for the Starjet, perhaps one of the rolls it might have assumed during WWII could have possibly been one of interception.  So, I’m imagining a flight of them screaming-away from the relative safety of their base, climbing over the ocean with the coast of England quickly receding behind them.  

Right now I’m a working on gloss levels on the camouflage paint for the B-51.  Not particularly as straightforward as just moving gloss levels up and down since it’s largely controlled by texture maps to control gloss/dullness levels.  Lots of trial and error.  And then there’s the terrain, which I’m also experimenting with.  So, the process continues and I’ll have some in-progress image to display soon.

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Until next time…


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