Happy Birthday!

I think it probably goes without saying that we all are proud of our parents.  I’m very proud of my dad, who is 76 today.  My dad’s the kind of guy we all grow up wishing we could be.  He has friends everywhere, laughs easily, and makes everyone around him feel like a million dollars.  

Dad grew up on the north side of Chicago, just a few blocks away from Wrigley Field (hence the reason, despite my Cardinals fanaticism, I was excited the Cubs won the World Series last year).  

He joined the Army when he was young , was a sentry dog trainer and handler, a drill instructor, and “drove a truck” (his code phrase for “it was classified” whenever I ask him about some of the things he’s accomplished).  At one time he was the youngest E-7 in the Army.  

He served a tour in Vietnam.  He came home whole.  

Afterward he became a policeman, and served his community until he retired in the mid-eighties.  He lived-out his fantasy to be a rancher after buying a beautiful piece of property in Colorado and enjoyed simple life on the high plains for many years until he and my step-mom decided to move south.  

You’d never have known he was retired.  Volunteer probation officer, high school activity bus driver, volunteer fire board member, part time private investigator, VFW member, Lions Club, Coast Guard Auxiliary… the list goes on-and-on.  He got a coxswain rating, became an integral part of a Sheriff’s department boating safety program where he currently lives, and stays active in the ham radio community.   Despite a busy schedule, he always has time for his friends and family.  
I’ve always admired my dad.  I’m proud to know him, and proud to be his son.

Happy birthday, dad!


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