A Bit More of the Starjet

I brought the L-133 into Vue Studio recently so I can work it into a few new renderings.  Here’s a test render…

L-133 Starjet (© John Matthews)
Most of the settings aren’t with an eye toward making a very high quality rendering.  Anti-aliasing, and other quality levels, need to be turned up a bit, as you can see.  And, for some reason, part of the cockpit map isn’t right.  But that can be fixed fairly quickly.  Not bad for a test render though.  I’ll be working on this so I can render a few higher quality images and put together shortly.  Oh, look, here’s one now…

L-133 Starjet
L-133 Starjet (© John Matthews)

A few lower altitude clouds thrown in.  The plane’s rendered during sunset, at about 20,000 feet.  I’m still tinkering with quality settings so the clouds render nicely.  I’m also going to cut down on the ground haze a bit more, but it’s a good starting point.

More soon…


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