Further Camouflage Work

The camouflage paint scheme for the XB-51 is nearly complete.  There are only a couple parts left to “paint”, some further weathering to do (grunge around some panels or hatches, chipped paint in a few areas, etc.), and I guess it’ll be finished.

XB-51 (© John Matthews)

I’m rendering everything in Vue Studio here.  The rivets on the bare metal tail section, and the bit of grunge around them, had to be aligned.  Took a little while to move them around until they looked right.  Done now with that though.  Oh, and the undersides of the forward engine pods have to be painted gray.  Originally I wanted to paint the underside of the plane black but I think the gray looks better.

XB-51 (© John Matthews)

Just noticed one of the textures for the cockpit instrument panels got turned around somehow.  I’ll have to fix that, too, before I’m finished.  At least with the camo paint job it seems to render faster.  Not as much reflection going on in the scene to drag the render time out, I guess.  Until next time…


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