More Camo Progress

I had time today to tinker with the camouflage texture on the XB-51.  Not much, or at least it doesn’t look like very much.

XB-51 (© John Matthews)

Modified the paint on the engine pods and included some randomly worn paint on some rivets.  Wherever there are black markings against the black underside of the plane, the color has to be inverted so they’re visible.  I also added a tail number for the plane and some nose art.  I’ll call this plane “Betty’s Ready” which, had it ever flown, might have been assigned to the 13th Bombing Squadron instead of the B-57G.

XB-51 (© John Matthews)

The tail markings on this plane would reflect it’s based at Ubon Air Base, in Thailand, which was where the 13th was during 1969.  Much left to do.  I still obviously need to texture the flaps, starboard wing, and the horizontal stabilizer.  Much to do also with grunging-up the paint so it looks as though it’s been flown on a few missions and not “factory fresh”.  Either the lighting or the texture highlights need to be adjusted so the darker green in the camouflage doesn’t appear as though it’s black.  Could be a post-render exposure setting , too, I suppose.

Thanks for checking-in here.  I’ve had visitors here from Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, and other far-away places as well.  Very cool!  Please leave a comment if you’d like and say “hello” when you stop by.  More later…


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