Now in Camo…

XB-51 (© John Matthews)

Of course, the XB-51 never was purchased by the Air Force, and never flew wearing anything other than bare metal.  Maybe this is what it might have looked like if the plane had actually made its way into the inventory.  I just started working on the camouflage paint.  May either leave the exhaust area in bare metal, or paint it, too, but “weather” it to appear as though exhaust heat is having an effect on the paint.  This should be fun since I’ll be able to do some weathering effects on the paint, unlike the natural metal finish, which I’m pretty sure was as clean as they could keep it.  I’ll have to adjust the brightness and contrast of the colors since they’re a bit to light.  The black underside of the plane may be a bit too dark also.  Different markings will be needed, too, and maybe some nose art of some sort.  Stay tuned…


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