The XB-51 Model in Vue Studio 2016


I guess “wrestling” would be the best word used to describe my progress regarding importing the model into Vue and applying the textures.  Vue is a lot different that what I’m used to.  The same effect of varied gloss/roughness and reflection levels can be attained.  It just has to be done differently.  Even then, the results aren’t quite the same, but look good after tweaking some settings.  I don’t think Vue knows what to do with  a Mental Ray shader.  Most of the textures for the plane are multiple layers of things, one building on another, to get a similar effect as I had outside of Vue.  So, not the same results, but acceptable.

Two of these renderings were done with a basic flat plain and a procedural grass-and-rocks texture.  One has clouds, but since it was my first attempt with clouds in a scene I’ll have to go back and tinker with them some more.   I can tell right now I’m going to have to really tweak the rendering settings so a rendering with more in the environment (like clouds, for example) doesn’t make render time for one still image an all-day day affair.  The other thing I can do is install “Render Cow” on one of the other (faster) computers in my house and have a mini-render farm to speed things up.  We’ll see how well that works after I optimize some settings.

The scene I rendered with the aircraft model, the flat terrain, and two layers of clouds took over eight hours to render.  Yikes!!  Hopefully changing the render settings improves this.  More later…


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