Importing the Plane Into Vue

After several fits and starts I was able to import the mesh into Vue and begin re-texturing it.

XB-51 imported into Vue Studio 2015

It isn’t quite as easy as point-click-done.  The .OBJ file to which the mesh was exported seems to only give Vue instructions regarding the UVW mapping of the objects which make up the model.  It doesn’t appear on the screen in a ready-to-render state, but rather as an un-textured object.  You have to edit the textures for every element of the model.  This I can do, but it isn’t as easy as I naively believed it would have been.

As you’ll notice, there are textures that seem to have been only partially applied to the mesh.  Look at the insignia and markings; they’re only applied to the rear half of the plane for some reason.  It’s likely the way I have everything connected in all of the texture nodes, which I’ll have to correct for things to look right.  The reflectivity on most surfaces will also have to be dulled quite a bit, as it was in the original renderings, so it won’t appear as highly polished.  All of that will require a bit more reading and experimenting on my part.  However, I’m pleased that in such a short amount of time I was able to import the plane and at least get it partially textured.  And it doesn’t look half bad, even in its current state.

More soon…


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