Building a Better Clyde

So now I’m working on Clyde Mk. II.  Clyde Mk. I was fine, but I’ll need a pilot mesh that is more detailed and better suited to be skinned and rigged for basic movements.  There were some flaws in the way Clyde Mk. I was made which I now want to correct.  The easiest way will be making a new pilot mesh.

Clyde Mk. II

This mesh took just a few hours to create.  It’s a better mesh than Clyde Mk. I (sorry, Clyde Mk. I, but it’s true…) and should deform/move better when it’s rigged.

Clyde Mk. II

At a minimum he should be much less trouble to map and texture.  Question is, should I just do a simple texture for him, model-in the clothing and equipment details, or “make” clothes and equipment that he can “wear”.

Clyde Mk. II

He doesn’t have a face and I doubt he’ll get one right now.  If I model equipment details directly on the mesh I’ll have to extrude an oxygen mask out from where his face would be and no one would be able to see it anyway.  I’ll have to do some reading about modeling clothing for Clyde Mk. II and whether that will be a better option than doing a simpler, overall texture map.  More progress tomorrow…


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