Jay Bennett, an Assistant Editor for Popular Mechanics, actually used one of my Lockheed L-133 renderings in his article “Six Ambitious Airplanes That Never Flew”

I’m really quite flattered that Jay chose my artwork for his article.  However, I’m concerned that neither he, nor anyone from Popular Mechanics, nor Hearst Media, contacted me to ask permission or compensate me for my artwork.

There’s no way to email Jay directly, but emails were sent to their editorial email and to their webmaster email regarding the unauthorized use of my artwork on their website.   For the moment I’m guessing it was unintentional.  I’m awaiting a response and we’ll see what happens.


It took a DMCA take-down notice to do it, but my art is no longer on Popular Mechanic’s web site without my permission.  I really was flattered that one of my images was chosen for that article, but they should have contacted me beforehand.


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